Breach of liquor licence

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Officially known as a liquor licensing offence or a breach of conditions, depending on what (allegedly) happened.

VCGLR ammunition

Enforcement action tools available to the VCGLR compliance inspectors. The inspectors can use one or more of these for any given breach.

Infringement notices Breach or infringement of the conditions on a liquor licence. Used instead of a court appearance.
Written warnings Breach or infringement of the conditions on a liquor licence.

Letter telling the licensee to fall back within the conditions. Not officially part of the Act. But they may be used against you at any proceedings.

Disciplinary action Issues of non-compliance that require suspension or the disqualification of a licence is usually of a serious nature.

Disciplinary action is focussed on altering the behaviour for the protection of the public through a more tailored response specific to the licensee.

Enforceable undertakings A legal agreement to comply with certain conditions agreed to with the VCGLR.

Avoids court or tribunal proceedings.

List of current enforceable undertakings – for those that want to see what kind of conditions get used.

Risk management discussion There to manage potential risks. Not used for actual breaches or infringements.

Often used in conjunction with other VCGLR ammunition (e.g. an infringement notice or warning notice).

May include a verbal warning.

Criminal prosecution Investigations take place when a serious or deliberate infringement of licence conditions occurs.

Blatant disregard for the law concerning alcohol in Victoria.


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