Advanced RSA training: worth celebrating

  • Advanced Responsible Service of Alcohol

Better available training leads to better outcomes for society, says Dean Sprague. 

VCGLR doesn’t need to offer incentives for completing Advanced Responsible Service of Alcohol training.

I think it’s a great idea for licencees to complete the new Advanced RSA training, and putting their key personnel through it too.

There’s always the possibility of it opening up a world of irritation for operators who are already bearing the burden of associated costs in order to meet with compliance and legislation.

From a business point of view, there are any number of RTOs who can step up to the plate and deliver a terrific program based upon requirements, with flexibility and professionalism. Some training organisations are happy to come to you to provide this essential service. William Angliss has already announced that they are ready to deliver the new training required, with dates listed on their website.

Both long serving and new staff and management in industry will benefit from equipping themselves with the knowledge and skill needed to deal with a range of scenario that they may encounter during their daily activities.

There is always going to be an initial backlash in response to any newly introduced requirements, however in the long-term it is always the community who will benefit most from the industry being able to better cope with anti-social behaviour and negative outcomes from alcohol related situations.

Long story short, VCGLR don’t need to offer incentives in order to manage regulations and create new requirements, private business (RTOs) will rise to meet the gap and deliver the necessary resources and training; and community will welcome better outcomes for (anti-social) behaviours.

I think we should have a drink and celebrate!


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