Liquor licence restrictions on Anzac Day 2015

  • Anzac Day 2015 - liquor licence trade restrictions

ANZAC Day is on 25 April 2015 – a Saturday.

Liquor licensing and ANZAC Day

Victoria’s liquor licensing laws place specific restrictions on trade on ANZAC Day.

  • Late night licensees, renewable limited licensees, and licensed restaurants, cafes and clubs are not permitted to supply alcohol between 3am and 12pm (noon).
  • General licensees, on-premises licensees and packaged liquor licensees are not permitted to supply alcohol between 5am and 12pm (noon).
  • Premises with a BYO permit are not allowed to have liquor consumed, possessed or controlled between 3am and 12pm (noon).

This overrides anything in the liquor licence itself.

The two main exceptions to this prohibition are:

  • Temporary limited licences granted where the VCGLR considers the supply of alcohol is in connection with ANZAC Day commemorative activities and will be consistent with the solemn observance of that day
  • Returned and Services Leagues (“RSL”) and sub-branches of the Returned and Services League

The ability to get a temporary limited licence to serve alcohol prior to midday comes from a Victorian Parliamentary Committee review into ANZAC Day Laws.

The existing liquor licensing regime for ANZAC Day is, in effect, one that observes the sanctity of ANZAC Day morning, but provides for discretionary exceptions. The Committee received evidence that there are special circumstances where morning liquor trading is reasonable. In particular, there are instances where liquor trading is complementary to the conduct of an ANZAC morning ceremony. A particular instance of this is the holding of a gunfire breakfast.

Victoria, Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee, Parliamentary Review of ANZAC Day Laws, October 2002

ANZAC of Anzac?

Under Victorian legislation, ANZAC is in full capitals.

In commemoration of the part taken by Victorian troops in the Great War and in memory of those who gave their lives for the Empire, and in commemoration of the service of Australians for their country in subsequent conflicts and peace-keeping activities, the twenty-fifth day of April in each year (being the anniversary of the first landing on Gallipoli of troops from the United Kingdom Australia and New Zealand) shall be known as ANZAC Day.

Commemoration of ANZAC Day, section 3 of the ANZAC Day Act 1958 (Vic)

In the Federal legislation, it’s in title case.

The national day of commemoration to recognise and commemorate the contribution of all those who have served Australia (including those who died) in time of war and in war-like conflicts is to be known as Anzac Day and observed on 25 April each year.

Observance of Anzac Day as the national day of commemoration, section 3 of the Anzac Day Act 1995 (Cth)

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