The deep and meaningful conversation you need to have with your business partner

It’s time to sit down with your partner in crime in your cafe or hospitality business.

  • What’s my role in the business? What’s your role in the business?
  • How much are each of us supposed to work each week?
  • At what point do we consider selling?
  • What happens if one of us dies or can’t work in the business anymore?
  • What happens if I get divorced?
  • What if you want to get out of the business? What if I want to?
  • What if we end up hating one another?
  • If I go, who will you be happy to work with?
  • How will we get more money? Finance? Get another partner or investor on board?

After you have answers to those (and written them down), check to see if that’s reflected in your business plans and your partnership, shareholder or unitholder agreement.

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