Two tools for protecting your restaurant’s name

Protecting your restaurant’s name by blocking others from using your name is even easier with these online tools I recently came across.

I’ve previously written about how to choose a better restaurant name and how to strengthen the one you already have. One critical step is to prevent others from using the name of your hospitality business. Others can leach off your goodwill or remove the spotlight from you.

One way of doing that is to trade mark your restaurant’s name. Owning a trade mark in your business name, in summary, gives you a monopoly over using that name as a business. You can tell anyone coming along after your trade mark’s application date to use another name.

An additional way is to collect as many social media and online names as possible, even if you’re not going to use them. Registering your business’ names on those sites and services will stop others getting the same as you. It’s also a great way of choosing a name and making sure your username handle is consistent across all major social media platforms.

Here are two sites that search hundreds of platforms in a matter of seconds. These and others can (for a fee) register your name on each platform and even register the name on future platforms.

I can’t vouch for one over the other. Both search for far more than you’re likely to care about.

Bear in mind that these services don’t check everything.

If you haven’t locked down all other social media profiles – even for platforms you’re not using – get on it!

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  1. Barry Wise 19 October 2015 at 1:24 am - Reply

    Thanks for mentioning KnowEm! FYI, besides the over 500 social networks we check we do also check Australian and other Oceanic domain name extensions as well as the entire USPTO trademark database.

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