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Liquor licensing

Venues usually get a late night (general) licence. General on-premises liquor licences prevent the business from being open beyond 1am.

The VCGLR can place some fairly onerous conditions on venues under the late night (general) licence. For those unfamiliar with the kinds of conditions, search for your favourite night club’s or venue’s liquor licence. Just complete the premises name.

The Tote has to put up with conditions concerning:

  • security guards
  • video surveillance
  • entrances and exits
  • glasses and bottles
  • in-house procedures
  • trading hours


Venues need to deal with the SEPP (Control of Music Noise from Public Premises) No. N-2.

Following a report or complaint, police have power to instruct a venue to abate any entertainment noise after midnight. That direction stays in force until 8am.

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