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Hospitality businesses must comply with:

 (Some Western Australian hospitality businesses aren’t subject to that)

The NES, minimum wage order, award and the Fair Work Act together set the minimum conditions. No going lower than that (not without a proper, lawful plan). If the employment says something different, the employment agreement is ignored so that the employee is no worse overall off than under those minimums. That’s a very simplistic overview – it’s a little more complicated than that.

Whites Legal helps hospitality businesses with employment law issues and workplace relations including:

  • Employment agreements, Fair Work National Employment Standards and modern awards
  • Workplace agreements
  • Different ways of working: full time, part time, casual, school-based and contractor
  • Pay rates – casual loadings, weekend and public holiday penalty rates, early and late work and apprentice rates
  • Termination, unfair dismissal and unlawful termination
  • Work health and safety
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Discrimination and avoiding unlawful termination
  • Social media policies
  • Sexual harassment policies
  • Anti-bullying policies
  • Retaining management and top end staff

Relevant awards

One of these might apply to your employees. There’s only ever one which applies to an employee.

Not sure which applies?

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