“I explained to a 60 y.o. man why he was banned from the pub”

Jordan Gleason told a 60 year old man why he was banned from his pub Black Acre Brewing Company in Indianapolis, USA. Jordan penned a long, detailed and heartfelt explanation of why.

“In January he made several sexist remarks about the female staff that were working. He told them to their faces that that he liked looking at their tits while they washed dishes, and their asses while they were pouring drinks. He was told to leave and not come back. He came back last month, and was told we wouldn’t serve him. He came back yet again today, and when told he wouldn’t be served demanded to talk to a manger.”

You can read the full post here.

I’ve written (and spoken) before about sexual harassment:

Jordan echos one of my views: stamp it out when you hear it and tell any bloke/colleague/customer “Don’t be that guy”:

“To every dude out there, we need to fucking combat this disease like its the god damned plague that it is. If one of your friends says something shitty about a woman, tell him to shut his fucking mouth. Don’t just laugh it off or ignore it. We need to listen when our sisters talk about this, and not just blame it on some bad apples. Not just say “not all dudes do that” or “well no one I know would ever do that.” Nah man. This is an endemic cultural problem. If we want to start taking our status as gentlemen seriously we need to do more than just avoiding being a sexist prick ourselves. We need to open our eyes and fight it everywhere we see it, because the only way this thing gets better is to start calling it out for what it is.”

As an employer, it’s your duty.

Thanks Michael Gresham for the tip off.

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