What to Include in a Restaurant Staff Manual – podcast with Profitable Hospitality

I’ve been working with Ken Burgin from Profitable Hospitality on shaping up their staff manuals to bring them up to scratch with current employment laws and best practice.

There are (of course) tip and tricks for getting those policies, procedures and staff manuals right and working for your hospitality business.

In this podcast #235, I explain to Ken:

  • What you must have – and what you should have
  • The risks of saying nice things in policies
  • Why there’s one staff manual document and many smaller policies and procedures
  • The importance and meaning of an employee’s signature
  • When paper alone is not enough
  • How often to remind and train staff

On particular policies:

  • The importance of defining what theft is
  • Dealing with early clock in and late clock out
  • That social media policy is a big ticket item in itself – so much so there’s another podcast on the way

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