How long does it take to get a liquor licence?

  • Application for general on premise liquor licence

Planning to open a new licensed restaurant or cafe? Transferring a liquor licence as part of a purchase of a bar? Starting up a new cafe and need a liquor licence?

Knowing how much time to budget for your liquor licence application will help your hospitality business.

VCGLR announced its average processing times for some liquor licence applications.

New permanent liquor licence 78 days
New BYO permit 44 days
Transfer liquor licence or BYO permit 53 days
Temporary liquor licence 6 days
Temporary approval for underage gigs 27 days


Source and more detail: VCGLR News, Autumn 2014

There are better ways of dealing with the wait for a liquor licence. Mechanics to give certainty and give an escape route if the application doesn’t go through. Get in touch to find out more.

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