Why your cafe needs position descriptions

A cafe owner asked me whether he was paying one of his employees enough. First question was what’s the employee’s classification. He didn’t have a direct answer. He didn’t know her classification in her employment agreement, her roles and responsibilities or her qualifications. That made it difficult to work out quite what the minimum wage was for that employee.

Enter the position description

It’s important in cafes and all hospitality businesses that position descriptions align with the classifications in the modern award. Once you’ve worked out the company structure, I suggest using the classifications as a starting point for position descriptions.

What are you waiting for?

Probably a spare hour. Consider directing each of your employees to email you a description of what they do day to day. That might create a starting point for the company structure and a draft of the position descriptions.

What surprised you the most when you had your org chart and position descriptions checked? Let us know in the comments.

* On controlling pay

Minimum wage is based on the roles and responsibilities of the employee. It’s what the employee actually does, not what’s in their employment agreement. All the more reason to check – or write – position descriptions.

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