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Liquor licensing

Wineries and breweries get the benefit of the wine and beer producer’s licence.  The wine and beer producer’s licence allows:

  • sale for drinking at your business of both your alcohol  and others’ alcohol
  • take away sales of your alcohol
  • internet/phone/mail sales
  • sale at a promotional event (subject to some conditions, which aren’t that onerous)
  • wholesale sale of your own products (pretty critical)


Getting a good distribution network is a key to growth.

Distribution agreements ought to cover (at least):

  • how the alcohol is supplied
  • how you get paid and what security you get for payment
  • whether the distributor gets any exclusive regions
  • any targets the distributor is required to hit

Snacks as well?

Wineries, breweries and distilleries are up for a class 3 food safety registration no matter what. That will cover the business up to selling pre-packaged cheeses and the like.

If there’s any intention to start handling cheese or serving meals, you’ll need a class 2 food safety registration.

Find out more about food safety registration

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