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The next Beatbox Kitchen Truck or Taco Truck. Selling your own farm’s produce. Stalls of poffertjes, gozleme or American hot dogs.

Food registration

As with any business selling food, you’ll need to register with the local council and notify with  Streatrader.

Local council registration

For mobile food businesses, register with the council where:

  • you prepare or store food
  • you usually store your cooking equipment or park your food van
  • your usual business address is
  • for interstate operators who prepare or store food interstate or usually store your cooking equipment or park your food van interstate,  where you will first operate in Victoria

Streatrader  notification

After you’re registered with your main council, you’ll need to let the other councils know that you’ll be trading in their area.

Use Streatrader to send your statement of trade to the councils.

Street trading

If you’re seeking to trade from public space, you’ll need some kind of permit from the local council. It’s additional to the food safety registration. You might be talking to a different local council too.

The name of the permit varies between councils:

Give your local council a call or raid their website. Not sure who is your local council?


If you’re looking to trade at a market, they ought to have approval from the council for you to trade. Make sure you ask them before you hand over any fees.

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